Upon A Dream | Services
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Full Service Consultation

Skype/Telephone Meeting

Whether you are struggling with a child that is up multiple times a night, one that isn’t napping properly, or maybe your once “angel sleeper” has suddenly started to change sleep habits, the Upon A Dream full service consultation is a customized and comprehensive sleep plan that will help with any sleep troubles your family is experiencing.


Price: $329.00

Newborn Consultation

Skype/Telephone Meeting

Bringing a child into this world is a special time for you and your family and you want to ensure you give that precious little one the best care possible to ensure they start out on the right foot. If your family has had, or is having, a recent addition this is the consultation for you.


Price: $399.00

Mini Consultation


If your family has previously implemented a sleep plan and you need additional follow up support, are having fresh troubles or need additional support, this is the consultation for you!


Price: $149.99

If you don’t see a service that’s just right for you, send us a message!