Upon A Dream | About Us
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About Us

Jessica Bennett, originally from Saskatchewan, is a University of Saskatchewan Honors Graduate from the College of Commerce, majoring in Marketing. With her hard work ethic and Bachelor degree, came a dream of being a successful woman in the business world. Throughout her adult career she has worn many different hats, including experience in advertising and marketing, real estate, finance, operations, HR, admin, and client management.

However, after having her first child, Jessica realized that her true passion and purpose in life was to be the best mother she could be and to always put her children first. Coming from a very big family she has been around children her whole life, but learned quickly after having her own that being a parent is very different. After months of sleepless nights with her first daughter she was at her whit’s end and just wanted to give her daughter the gift of sleep! She kept trying different methods and second guessing everything she read, not knowing what information to trust, and in the end she just needed someone to tell her exactly what to do and she would follow it!

Jessica enlisted the help of sleep consultant Helen Sands of Hushababy Consulting Inc., and after personally going through the sleep shaping process with her daughter and experiencing tremendous success from it, she then discovered another passion; helping other Moms (and Dads) achieve the proper sleep their families need and deserve.

In her passion to help families, Jessica became a certified Hushababy Sleep Consultant. She takes her work with families very seriously as she knows firsthand how important sleep is, to everyone involved. Her motto when working with her clients is to treat each and every client as she wanted to be treated when she too was reaching out for help.

Contact Jessica directly at jessica@uponadream.ca.