Upon A Dream | Why Sleep Consulting?
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Why Sleep Consulting?

Why Sleep Consulting?

I wanted to take this chance to write a little bit about why I chose to do child sleep consulting for a living. Flash back to when I had my daughter, I had very unrealistic expectations of what to expect in regards to the sleep habits of my child. I thought that for the first few months obviously she would be up to eat several times a night, but after that she would start to sleep longer and longer until she finally just slept through the night. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Months went by and she was still up several times a night and I was getting very exhausted. I started to read a lot on the topic of sleep training and different methods available to train your child to sleep. The amount of information out there is very overwhelming and contradicting from one method to the next. We tried many different strategies and actually made some steps in the right direction, only to relapse eventually and by 9 months my daughter was still waking 3-5 times a night! It was out of control. I was at my whit’s end and just wanted someone to tell me what to do (so I would stop second guessing the method I was using) and I promised I would stick to the plan.

That was when I started researching sleep consultants. I came across Helen Sands of Hushababy® Consulting Inc. After working with her and the Hushababy Sleep Training Plan, our daughter finally slept trough the night and was able to achieve quality naps during the day as well. It changed our lives.

Over the course of my 9 month journey to sanity, I did a lot of research on the topic of sleep training and became very passion about the topic. Sleep is so important for everyone involved. It is important to a child’s growth and development and important to a parent’s well-being so they are able to be there for their child’s needs. This is why I decided to become a Certified Hushababy Sleep Consultant. I want to help other families achieve the sleep success we did with our daughter, help bring peace and harmony back into the household and give each and every child the gift of sleep!

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